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Ganja on the Rise?

Ganja on the Rise?


With the recent rise in medical Marijuana dispensary in the united stated, the growth of the industry that was once tabooed by many, the commercialized business of selling medicinal marijuana aka weed, ganja, pot and a slew of other aliases has created a new found love for the product, as it seems to be on the upward curve of a marketed that has exponential potential in making millionaires.

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Marijuana once a banned substance and credited to being a gateway drug to more mainstream drugs has literally founds its way onto shelves and is now fattening the pockets of the same government which once condemned the plant. Now a billion dollar industry which is only legal in parts of the country the federal government can’t seem to determine if they want to be a part of the cultivating of the same products that currently keeps prisoners within prison walls. Lawmakers leaving the issue to figure itself out on a state level are able to allow individual states to reap the benefits of taxation once it allows that cultivation within their borders. The future holds alot for the Medical Marijuana industry that seem to be growing more and more each day with dispensaries being owned by privates owners statewide and some going as far as multiple states to ensure their foothold in a growing industry. We are all awaiting the recreational usage privileges that seems to be lingering around the corner to really enjoy the high of this new, but long awaited business venture.



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