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Grammy contender?!?

Grammy contender?!?

The masterfull lyricist, Jeffrey Campbell Aka Agent Sasco, seem to have created the correct formula to achieve his first Grammy Award. As hope river bring the dancehall/reggae market what is so desperately needed in times like these, a break away from the profane and guns blazing verses that seems to be overwhelming the  Dancehall genre,

Hope River brings you in touch with the culture that has always be diligent at everything attempted. Inspiring songs such as “Winning Right Now” litters your ears with motivation and inspires the listener to cultivate progressive thoughts of uplifting themselves out of what seems to be a never ending stream of impoverished hurdles. One can almost reminisce of a time when one of the island’s  most renowned entertainer challenge the norm and garner the rastafarian culture to release what can be known now as the album that changed a generation, Buju Banton’s “Til Shiloh”, has still to this day captivated its listeners,as it channel its creative aura of inspiration.

The genre needs a “Hope River” as it seems to be struggling with the lack of talented artists whom can refrain from mediocre bars that condone violence among a people that already has enough struggles to deal with altogether. The Banks of the hope, currently riding the charts, presents his audience with wordplays and linguistics that plays on your minds even after the song has ended,leaving one to wonder what else his album has to offer, definitely one that you would want to spend your money to ensure you have your copy of this masterpiece.

I can only wait now to see what the Grammy Awards has to say about this classic,one thing for sure the Marleys are no doubt watching this one!!!

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