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Talk about a comeback! The highly anticipated return of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is finally here! The Chain has re-released the infamous sandwich and assures customers that they have enough to fulfill the high demand.

After being out of stock for a little over two months, Popeyes has brought the popular item back on the menu and it's no coincidence that they’ve done so on a Sunday, the day their rival Chick-fil-a happens to be closed. In their defense, it is National Sandwich Day, which makes it all so fitting. 

The sandwich originally made its debut on August 12th and grew popular very quickly as bloggers and consumers started doing ratings and reviews on the product. Soon, there were lines wrapped around every Popeyes and sandwiches were out of stock by the time lunch came around. We are sure many are happy for the return of the sandwich and we can’t wait for the hilarious memes soon to follow! 

MONTEGO BAY, St James - As the vaping trend continues to rise and has become commonplace in Jamaica, especially amongst the high school students, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is proposing a ban on the practice. 

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has already instructed Chief Medical Officer Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie to analyze all data coming out of the United States to assess any and every outcome.

“We are very concerned and we have been observing very closely the information coming out of the US, both at the federal and state levels, where vaping is becoming very common and is now being suspected for a number of deaths, and as a consequence a number of states have taken the position to ban the practice,” Dr Tufton told journalists in Montego Bay Friday.

The biggest concern, for now, is the vaping within the younger population as it is a common practice in the country’s high schools. The Ministry of Education is looking to see what protocols and procedures they can implement to reduce the usage of vaping in the younger community. 

The death toll in the United States has risen to 19 and continues to rise with more than 1,000 people suffering from lung injuries possibly linked to the vapes.  “With the ease of accessibility to these products by youngsters as they are marketed as 'safe' alternatives to using combustible cigarettes, it can be inferred that these products — often containing attractive flavors — are targeting our youngsters to use them, often leading to an addiction. We see that this addition to nicotine may eventually lead to the use of combustible cigarettes. This is a worrying trend and must concern us and all Jamaica when considering the health and safety of our youth,” NCDA's CEO Michael Tucker said.

For now, consumers can still purchase and use vaping products, but it can be certain, changes are coming soon. 

This is Babatunde Akinboboye and he is on course to develop a genre being dubbed as "Hip Hopera" due to the crossing of hip hop beats with opera vocals.

A singer of diverse talents, Nigerian American Baritone, Babatunde Akinboboye is known for his enthralling stage presence. He has performed with the Los Angeles Opera, Opera San Jose, Opera Santa Barbara, Long Beach Opera, and Utah Opera. Babatunde has also debuted the roles of Drew in the Opera Works’Arts for Social Awareness Project’s world premiere production of The Discord Opera, and Zanni in the world premiere of Gloria Coates’ Stolen Identity. His most recent performances include Daggoo in LA Opera’s Moby Dick, Escamillo in Pacific Opera Project’s production of Carmen, and Lucha’s Father in The Industry’s production of Hopscotch.

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It is more likely that all white cops, primarily male, are bigots and pull over non-white people or any they consider as "undesirables" with mal-intent. To be safe it is advisable to refuse entry into your vehicle, because it is your right to refuse, to avoid being framed from their action of planting drugs.

This 26 year old white bigot Zachary Wester was employed by the Jackson county PD in 2016 (up there in red neck country on the edge of Alabama) and he has been arrested and facing up to 30 years for planting drugs on over 300 innocent folks between 2016 and 2018! Ain't that some wikkid shit! His action has caused extensive cost and misery for the people who now have felony charges and can't get jobs. Luckily for him, he has white male privilege so it's likely a white equally bigoted judge will just slap his hand and set him free.

These are the cops that trump likes and encourages because they share his hate. If he is given time, he'll probably get a pardon from the hate chief and given a job to throw humans over the southern border wall.

A new track from DJ Khaled titled "Holy Mountain" and features multiple artists including Buju Banton, Sizzla, Mavado and 070 Shake

This is the original Reggae summer week long event back in the 1980s era called "Reggae SunSplash" and it was where many artists from home and abroad got global recognition from Reggae fans.

Brief history

Reggae Sunsplash is a reggae music festival first staged in 1978 in the northern part of Jamaica. In 1985 it expanded with the addition of an international touring festival. The festival ran annually until 1996, with a final event in 1998.

See nuff more details

This video The Mouse meister dropped 3 days ago in which he rants for 33 minutes about his past and all the joy he had when he had money to blow. He states that he lived in "white neighborhood" (no idea why negros like to declare that) and they all watched him closely as if he was a criminal. Maybe it's the mind that's leaving him.

It seems he blew all his money on drugs and parties as he states there were always crowds at his "white neighborhood" house in San Diego, then someone offered him coke and he was on that shit til his dollas was gone. Now he blames everyone for his demise.

Maybe this is just a act to gain some attention. Maybe it's a genuine declaration of his sexual preference (long after his virgin girl) and he just wants all to know that he's always loved to have his stool shoved in. But what's the deal with the "jesus" crooning in the video. Has Eek-A-Mouse (Ripton Joseph Hylton)  simply gone mad?

In the second video he says he loves gay people, but at the same time he uses the gay label an insult toward the Marley boys. That's just total contradiction and a cry for attention. He never clearly says "I am gay", he seems to just be making clear to gay people that he is not homophobic like the other dancehall artists. Maybe Eek just wants some relevancy like he had in 1981.

This is a snapshop from showing a public survey of Ripton's sexual choice. Of course this is all just people's opinion so it could just be bad-minded responses, but as they say in JA, sumting inna sumting!



The one hit from 1980 - Virgin Girl

When Damian Marley dropped the remake of Ini Kamoze's 1983 hit "World A Music", with the new title "Welcome To Jamrock", it immediately hit the charts and kept climbing, and the dancehalls still get crazy when that tune is played.

This new release from Taurrus Riley titled just "Guess Who", is similarly an excellent remake of Black Uhuru's 1979 hit titled "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner". The remake features Mykal Rose of the original Uhuru group and he looks like he's still energetic to handle any tour schedule.

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