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If a white cop stop you and asks to search your vehicle, politely refuse 'cos they will plant drugs!

It is more likely that all white cops, primarily male, are bigots and pull over non-white people or any they consider as "undesirables" with mal-intent. To be safe it is advisable to refuse entry into your vehicle, because it is your right to refuse, to avoid being framed from their action of planting drugs.

This 26 year old white bigot Zachary Wester was employed by the Jackson county PD in 2016 (up there in red neck country on the edge of Alabama) and he has been arrested and facing up to 30 years for planting drugs on over 300 innocent folks between 2016 and 2018! Ain't that some wikkid shit! His action has caused extensive cost and misery for the people who now have felony charges and can't get jobs. Luckily for him, he has white male privilege so it's likely a white equally bigoted judge will just slap his hand and set him free.

These are the cops that trump likes and encourages because they share his hate. If he is given time, he'll probably get a pardon from the hate chief and given a job to throw humans over the southern border wall.

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