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Health and Wellness Ministry Analyzes Dangers on Trending Practice


MONTEGO BAY, St James - As the vaping trend continues to rise and has become commonplace in Jamaica, especially amongst the high school students, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is proposing a ban on the practice. 

Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has already instructed Chief Medical Officer Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie to analyze all data coming out of the United States to assess any and every outcome.

“We are very concerned and we have been observing very closely the information coming out of the US, both at the federal and state levels, where vaping is becoming very common and is now being suspected for a number of deaths, and as a consequence a number of states have taken the position to ban the practice,” Dr Tufton told journalists in Montego Bay Friday.

The biggest concern, for now, is the vaping within the younger population as it is a common practice in the country’s high schools. The Ministry of Education is looking to see what protocols and procedures they can implement to reduce the usage of vaping in the younger community. 

The death toll in the United States has risen to 19 and continues to rise with more than 1,000 people suffering from lung injuries possibly linked to the vapes.  “With the ease of accessibility to these products by youngsters as they are marketed as 'safe' alternatives to using combustible cigarettes, it can be inferred that these products — often containing attractive flavors — are targeting our youngsters to use them, often leading to an addiction. We see that this addition to nicotine may eventually lead to the use of combustible cigarettes. This is a worrying trend and must concern us and all Jamaica when considering the health and safety of our youth,” NCDA's CEO Michael Tucker said.

For now, consumers can still purchase and use vaping products, but it can be certain, changes are coming soon. 

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