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The South African olympic star Caster Semenya has been hounded by the all white Olympic committee since 2008, with their continued hate of her African superiority and are determined to diminish her power. They have now boldly stated that their decision to force her to lower her NATURAL testosterone levels if she wants to play with them, is indeed an act of discrimination -- and they don't give a fuck who is bothered because it is designed to give white women dominance.

This is just the sign that the world is reverting to the days of old when negroes were weak and submissive. Don't allow that era to return.

This is the result of those kids who grew up believing that the pet dog was their "brother" and it slept with them in bed (fucking nasty), ate at the dinner table and licked their tongue. These crazy and disgusting folks are just weak losers who prefer to live among animals which cannot challenge them, and constantly posting at social media that all humans should die so animals can live.

He attacked Senator Kamala Harris during an interview and went on about fucking animal rights. So much shit is a mess for kids, inhumanity being unleashed on South Americans by a white racist government, yet this insane white dude boasts his white privilege to claim salvation for cats!

This dude called Dwayne must have held some crazy thoughts for many years and probably just wanted to be white. Some who knew him said that if you heard him speaking and didn't see him, you'd think it was a lily white Harvard grad, maybe he was convinced he was white (like Mike Tirico who is jet black but says he came from white parents).

People are still trying to figure out his reason for killing 11 people on Friday, May 31. Is it that he heard voices from 'god' or his neighbor's dog (like son-of-sam)? It's not like he was fired or bullied. Whatever triggered his ass, the only reason he was able to take out so many is simply because of the silly gun laws that make it easy to get many guns and ammo.

This shit will never end until rich folk start dying by madmen with guns.

Women in India are obsessed with light skin complexion, a scourge left on them when the British owned their ass. They are sold on the nonsense that white skin is better and means superiority. They spend over $11 billion annually on skin lightening, more than all the Caribbean and Africa combined. Dat is some serious obsession! WTF?!

The dark skinned Indians tend to be in the South (it's like every where the South is always the "bad part"), and they are despised by the northers, some are called "untouchables" and avoided. The social class system keeps people divided and oppressed. When those dark skinned Indians encounter Africans, they treat them as inferiors. Ain't dat some bullshit!

It's so ridiculous that Asian folks have suffered similar bigotry in America yet they tend to spew so much vile bigotry toward black people. They set up stores in black neighborhoods and take all the money out, then go home and say all the nastiest racist things about the people they serve. What is even more ludicrous is that black people know this fact yet still support the bigot Asians.

This bitch rented her apartment to 5 men who she thought were white but when they arrived, she got upset.

When they arrived to the apartment, they state that the bitch immediately began harassment and then eventually told them to leave at 2 am. 

The asian bitch claimed that she felt "unsafe" with black men in the apartment, though online she agreed to let 5 men stay, before she knew their race. She said she suspected the men were going to steal and destroy her property, and then told them to “Get the f*ck out of her house immediately!”  The men cooperated and began to pack their things to leave.

As they were packing, she busts in the door with a camera. They asked her to at least respect their privacy while packing since someone had gotten out of the shower. 

She yells “No, it’s my house. Get the fuck out! You are all criminals! I don’t feel safe in my home!” She later asked them "Which monkey is sleeping on the couch?”

What would you do? Some comments have been saying they would have beat her into a coma, and maybe that's what she deserves.

The cast member call "Tokyo Vanity" on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" learned a hard lesson that those gals who are tight bodied just don't appreciate her due to her massive body size.

She quit the show with the claim that she was "fat shamed", what! How petty she must be. One would think that she has out grown the cry-and-run-home when bullies attack. All she had to do was ignore them and stick with her progress. Das juss crazy Tokyo.


The Trump don is about to touch the Brit soil once more and already British broadcaster Sky News has launched a promotion again showing the 20-foot balloon effigy of the don man. Tho' it has no deterring effect 'cos the Windsor fam and the far-right support his bigotry and greed and they control the land.

Are you bothered by trump's presidency?

Reggae Artist Romain Virgo, has made the move of a lifetime, the singer whose "Lovesick" album was released earlier this year, announced to the world via his official Instagram page on Saturday that he is officially engaged to his longtime girlfriend, ELizabeth. In a video released, the singer revealed that he would be using their first official photo shoot as a couple to ask the life-changing question.

Virgo can be seen in the video outwardly nervous as he stumbles over his words and thought of how to pop the big question to his future wife,back by beautiful scenery of the Jamaican hillside you can feel the emotions through the screen as he knelt on bended knee in the middle of a running stream to profess his undying love.

Something from a fairytale, as we can see the true emotion of both Virgo and his future wife, showing what we wish will be that beginning of a long and happy marital life. The world seems happy fo the young couple and his many fans from across the globe have been sending congratulatory messages since the release of the video, yes sir Romain you and your beautiful wife to be, are truly “In This Together”.

Twin of Twins the dancehall duo, Patrick Curly Lox Gaynor and Paul Tu-Lox Gaynor has released another volume of their hit comedic production “Stir it up “.

The production laced with subliminal of current event,and tackling the social event that had been affecting the island. The duo, known for their creativity when dealing with social issue has found the niche on the comedic platform to bring awareness to the struggles of the everyday life of the ghetto. We can only listen and enjoy the creative antics 

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