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“Yung Laawd” Still In Charge


Dancehall Artist Alkaline, has not slowed his momentum since appearing on the dancehall scene in 2013, the self proclaimed Yung Laawd has bulldozed his style and brand through the barrage of mediocre talents still awaiting fame and fortune in the dancehall arena.

alkaline dancehall artist

With the anticipated release of his 2018 album pending, the artist has left his fans famished and teased exhaustedly, by periodically dropping hits enough to keep his fans fiending. His most recent single “Juggernaut” embodies the triumph and struggles face by the artist from the beginning of his career to his worldwide success today,as he sing in his hooks “the pain and the fight, all the hate and the lies,turn mi ina smaddy weh mi love”. Alkaline reinforces the status quo that the more he is hated, the more he will be successful and the efforts of the masses has showed him that nothing is impossible once he sets his mind to it. While the anticipation grows, we can only look forward to another chart topping album as there seems to be no stopping this Juggernaut in the dancehall Arena.


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