Docta Ledd

Docta Ledd

Docta Ledd (Dr. Ledd) is one of the hosts for our radio show The Katalog and is passionate about the culture of music. 

He admires the creativity of upcoming rappers and brings a knowledgeable viewpoint on the ins and outs of music. He believes he has experienced a lot of what the entertainment industry really is and brings incredible insight to those that get the opportunity to speak with him. 

Not only is he one of West Palm Beach's favorite host and 1/2 of Cariblexx Entertainment, but he is a longstanding member of the Supa Jamz Family. 

Catch him Live On-Air,

Thursdays from 6 pm -9 pm for The Katalog! 

Keep up with Dr. Ledd

Booking Email : Fyahledd@gmail.com

Instagram: @Dr.Ledd 

Facebook: Docta Ledd

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