She is DJ Jay Shalé and she is the real deal triple threat in entertainment

She is all that and more! Need a singer with a masterful voice; Jay Shale, need a great dancer, Jay Shale; need a DJ for the show, Jay Shale

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Born in Regensburg, Germany, self-taught DJ Shalé has started to make her mark in the DJ world.

Looking to get radio play for her own music exposed her to DJing in 2016,  she fell in love with the craft and hasn’t looked back!

Viewing music as a form of therapy, her passion, energy and pure LOVE for music has captured the hearts of thousands around the world.

DJ Shalé is known for her spunky and fun DJ throwback mixes, and millions of views later, she's opened for Jazzy Jeff, is the official Atlanta Falcons Game Day In-Game DJ and has toured solo in New Zealand, Belize, Nigeria, and Monaco, just to name a few!

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Telling all everytime!

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